X X E R O / Theorie / Practice

XXERO is both a collaborative, moo-based environment and a platform for real life meetings and events. Built up by an international network of women associated with the Faces mailing list, the project was conceived in a real life Faces meeting as a tool for examining the many different perspectives on new technologies and how they relate to our lives. The different facets of XXERO allow for the participants to log in and out of a vital discourse that they are creating as much as criticizing, one that is a project, a context, and a social sphere. The MOO and the real life events are integral parts of the whole - the MOO provides one realm where participants build up content palaces, dream worlds that imagine the best and worst of what technology has to offer. The real life events are lectures, workshops, a table in the cafe, where information is shared and discussed, in private and in public. Each half complements the other, the content and the medium are intricately woven together as they are shared and exchanged in a marketplace of our own.

In 2001, parallel to building up the MOO, a number of XXERO "dockings" are planned at Media Arts Festivals throughout Europe. XXERO plans to dock in the Americas and Australia in 2002. The "dockings" are intended as a platform to enable women to share knowledge and skills, while bringing XXERO "to life". Docking at upcoming festivals includes a series of workshops that cover MOO building/development and techno skills, lectures on related themes explored in the MOO, acoustic, visual, and performative representations of XXERO, parties where collaborators meet face to face, and public presentations. As a MOO based project, XXERO calls for workshops and knowledge that cover not only the latest applications and techniques, but also serve to "fill in the gaps", and focus on important aspects of using the technology. Given the speed of new developments, up to date knowledge, and skills can be difficult to maintain alone. By going back to the basics, and using this pre-web technology, XXERO offers a innovative platform for exploring the foundations of the tools we all take for granted. The lectures, workshops, and discussions will take a critical approach and examine the political and social consequences of our decisions about the technology we use everyday.

Using a MOO is more complicated than the point-and-click user-friendliness of the WWW that has been continuously refined to make consumer entertainment more and more simple. While this means that XXERO has a higher level entry threshold, it also means that the fact that it is running and developing is an indication of a higher level of commitment to this project.

XXERO is an ideal environment for a collaborative development of ideas, projects and art works. The character XXERO is an experiment to explore these opportunities and create a space where, through the combination of individual ideas, something new can emerge that is more than just the sum of its parts.

XXERO is supported by and is scheduled to dock at the Hull Time Based Arts Festival (UK) and the Viper Festival (CH) in 2001. Further support is currently being negotiated with: the Bundeszentrale Fuer politische Bildung,(D); the V2 Organization,(NL); Mama Cash,(NL); Linz City; and other

the XXERO MOO is hosted by www.servus.at