Further information and references on MOOs

This is just the beginning of a link list for MOO resources. If you find a mistake or have links to add, contact me. -vali

Tutorials, HowTos and FAQs

Inofficial LambdaMOO Beginners Quick Reference
A reference for the basic commands. Very useful for the beginner!

The "MOO Frequently Asked Question List"

MOO Building Commands

Way Easy Intro Guide to MOO Programming
Like the title says an easy guide to MOO programming. You can find other guides in the GRASSROOT listing at Resources.

LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual
This is the comprehensive manual for the professional MOO programmer. Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know.

Resources, Linklists

GRASSROOTS - Step-by-Step MOO Tutorials
Here you have a list of tutorials that range from basic introduction into MOOing to programming manuals. So there is something for every level of knowledge. Recommended!

The Lost library of MOO
A resources page with links to tutorials to MOOing and research papers on the social implications of textual based virtual realities.

Texts about MOOs

Julian Dibell: A Rape in Cyberspace
A "classic" on the problem of MOO ethics

A collection of papers and reports about mudding from the lambda MOO server
for index and info read the README file.


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