MOO Clients

Of course you can use the web interface or even a simple telnet client for MOOing but if you want to get deeper into the experience a special MOO client is much more comfortable. Here we want to set up a list with recommended clients. I started with the ones I know, if you have to add your favourite drop me a mail with a short description and I'll post it here. -vali


(also available for UNIX - for macs see MacMOOSE)
That is the client I use. It is very easy to use and has a nice interface without all this fantasy like graphics that a lot of clients which are used for MUDs and online virtual games have. I'm really happy with it.

A lot of other people recommendet simpleMOO, which is also OK but i didn't really like it. It doesn't have some features that are kind of standard (e.g. repeating the last commands with the scroll arrows) and it doesn't look so good as tkMOO (though no elfes and dragons here either).


MacMOOSE was created at the MIT and has a lot of different feature that make MOOing easier like Object browsers, easy editing of verbs and properties, multiple connections and more. It seems that most Mac Users use it, i asked around and got always the same answer - MacMOOSE. So it has to be good.

There are a lot of other clients. If you can recommend one, send a mail to valid with a short description and I'll add it here.

tkMOO-light (functions on older MAC OS )


Client for MAC OSX

is an in-development open-source MUD client for Mac OS X (OSX).

direct download

But installed it and it seem to work for several times

direct download



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